HackTheHearst API Detail: NAGPRA Inventory values

objinventory_txt valueMeaning
akAlaskaInventory for Alaska
akAlaskaNativeAlaska Native Inventory
akChugachChugach Inventory
azApacheCountyInventory for Apache County, AZ
azCochitiCochiti Inventory
azCoconinoCountyInventory for Cococino County, AZ
azHopiHopi Inventory
azNavajoNavajo Inventory
azNavajoCounty1Inventory 1 for Navajo County, AZ
azNavajoCounty2Inventory 2 for Navajo County, AZ
azPimaQuechanPima Quechan Inventory
azWestArizonaInventory for West Arizona
caAla309Inventory of site CA-Ala-309
caAlamedaCounty1Inventory 1 for Alameda County
caAlamedaCounty2Inventory 2 for Alameda County
caAlamedaCounty3Inventory 3 for Alameda County
caAlamedaCounty4Inventory 4 for Alameda County
caAmadorCountyInventory for Amador County
caButteCountyInventory for Butte County
caCahuilla2Cahuilla Inventory 2
caCahuillaCupenoDieguenoCahuilla, Cupeno, and Diegueno Inventory
caCalaverasCountyInventory for Calaveras County
caCco138Inventory of site CA-Cco-138
caCco141Inventory of site CA-Cco-141
caChumashChumash Inventory (1 of 2)
caChumash2Chumash Inventory (2 of 2)
caColusaCounty1Inventory 1 for Colusa County
caColusaCounty2Inventory 2 for Colusa County
caContraCostaCounty1Inventory 1 for Contra Costa County County
caContraCostaCounty2Inventory 2 for Contra Costa County County
caContraCostaCounty3Inventory 3 for Contra Costa County County
caContraCostaCounty4Inventory 4 for Contra Costa County County
caContraCostaCounty5Inventory 5 for Contra Costa County County
caContraCostaCounty6Inventory 6 for Contra Costa County County
caCupenoCupeno Inventory
caDelNorteCountyInventory for Del Norte County
caElDoradoCountyInventory for El Dorado County
caFoothillYokutsMonache1Foothill Yokuts and Monache Inventory (1 of 2)
caFoothillYokutsMonache2Foothill Yokuts and Monache Inventory (2 of 2)
caFresnoCounty1Inventory 1 for Fresno County
caFresnoCounty2Inventory 2 for Fresno County
caFresnoCounty3Inventory 3 for Fresno County
caGlennCountyInventory for Glenn County
caHumboldtCounty1Inventory 1 for Humboldt County
caHumboldtCounty2Inventory 2 for Humboldt County
caHumboldtCounty3Inventory 3 for Humboldt County
caInyoCounty1Inventory 1 for Inyo County
caInyoCounty2Inventory 2 for Inyo County
caKarokKarok Inventory
caKer-74Inventory of site CA-Ker-74
caKernCounty1Inventory 1 for Kern County
caKernCounty2Inventory 2 for Kern County
caKernCounty3Inventory 3 for Kern County
caKingsCountyInventory for Kings County
caKonkowKonkow Inventory
caLakeCountyInventory for Lake County
caLassenCounty1Inventory 1 for Lassen County
caLassenCounty2Inventory 2 for Lassen County
caLassenCounty3Inventory 3 for Lassen County
caLosAngelesCounty1Inventory 1 for Los Angeles County
caLosAngelesCounty2Inventory 2 for Los Angeles County
caMaderaCounty1Inventory 1 for Madera County
caMaderaCounty2Inventory 2 for Madera County
caMarinCounty1Inventory 1 for Marin County
caMarinCounty2Inventory 2 for Marin County
caMariposaCountyInventory for Mariposa County
caMendocinoInventory for Mendocino County
caMercedCountyInventory for Merced County
caModocCounty1Inventory 1 for Modoc County
caModocCounty2Inventory 2 for Modoc County
caMonoCountyInventory for Mono County
caMontereyCounty1Inventory 1 for Monterey County
caMontereyCounty2Inventory 2 for Monterey County
caMontereyCounty3Inventory 3 for Monterey County
caNapaCounty1Inventory 1 for Napa County
caNapaCounty2Inventory 2 for Napa County
caNapaCounty3Inventory 3 for Napa County
caOrangeCountyInventory for Orange County
caPatwin1Patwin Inventory (1 of 2)
caPatwin2Patwin Inventory (1 of 2)
caPitRiverPit River Inventory
caPlacerCountyInventory for Placer County
caPlumasCountyInventory for Plumas County
caPomo1Pomo Inventory (1 of 3)
caPomo2Pomo Inventory (2 of 3)
caPomo3Pomo Inventory (3 of 3)
caSac160Inventory of site CA-Sac-160
caSacramentoCounty1Inventory 1 for Sacramento County
caSacramentoCounty2Inventory 2 for Sacramento County
caSacramentoCounty3Inventory 3 for Sacramento County
caSacramentoCounty4Inventory 4 for Sacramento County
caSanBenitoCountyInventory for San Benito County
caSanClementeIslandInventory for San Clemente Island
caSanDiegoInventory for San Diego County
caSanFranciscoCounty1Inventory 1 for San Francisco County
caSanJoaquinCounty1Inventory 1 for San Joaquin County
caSanJoaquinCounty2Inventory 2 for San Joaquin County
caSanJoaquinCounty5Inventory 3 for San Joaquin County
caSanLuisObispoCounty1Inventory 1 for San Luis Obispo County
caSanLuisObispoCounty2Inventory 2 for San Luis Obispo County
caSanMateoCounty1Inventory for San Mateo County
caSanNicolasIslandInventory for San Nicolas Island
caSantaCatalinaIsland1Inventory 1 for Santa Catalina Island
caSantaCatalinaIsland2Inventory 2 for Santa Catalina Island
caSantaClaraCounty1Inventory 1 for Santa Clara County
caSantaClaraCounty2Inventory 2 for Santa Clara County
caSantaCruzCounty1Inventory 1 for Santa Cruz County
caSantaCruzCounty2Inventory 2 for Santa Cruz County
caShastaCounty1Inventory 1 for Shasta County
caShastaCounty2Inventory 2 for Shasta County
caShastaCounty3Inventory 3 for Shasta County
caSierraMiwokSierra Miwok Inventory
caSis262Inventory of site CA-Sis-262
caSiskiyouCounty1Inventory 1 for Siskiyou County
caSiskiyouCounty2Inventory 2 for Siskiyou County
caSolanoCounty1Inventory 1 for Solano County
caSolanoCounty2Inventory 2 for Solano County
caSolanoCounty3Inventory 3 for Solano County
caSonomaCountyInventory for Sonoma County
caSouthernValleyYokutsSouthern Valley Yokuts Inventory
caStanislausCounty1Inventory 1 for Stanislaus County
caStanislausCounty2Inventory 2 for Stanislaus County
caSutterCounty1Inventory 1 for Sutter County
caSutterCounty2Inventory 2 for Sutter County
caTeh58Inventory of site CA-Teh-58
caTehamaCounty1Inventory 1 for Tehama County
caTehamaCounty2Inventory 2 for Tehama County
caTrinityCounty1Inventory 1 for Trinity County
caTrinityCounty2Inventory 2 for Trinity County
caTulareCounty1Inventory 1 for Tulare County
caTulareCounty2Inventory 2 for Tulare County
caTulareCounty3Inventory 3 for Tulare County
caTulareCounty4Inventory 4 for Tulare County
caTulareCounty5Inventory 5 for Tulare County
caUsa1United States (unspecified location) Inventory (1 of 3)
caUsa2United States (unspecified location) Inventory (2 of 3)
caUsa3United States (unspecified location) Inventory (3 of 3)
caWesternShoshoneWestern Shoshone Inventory
caWintunWintun Inventory
caWiyotWiyot Inventory
caYanaYana Inventory
caYol13Inventory of site CA-Yol-13
caYoloCounty1Inventory 1 for Yolo County
caYoloCounty2Inventory 2 for Yolo County
caYoloCounty3Inventory 3 for Yolo County
caYub5Inventory of site CA-Yub-5
caYubaCountyInventory for Yuba County
caYukiYuki Inventory
caYurokYurok Inventory
coMontezumaCountyInventory for Montezuma County, CO
idLemhiCountyInventory for Lemhi County, ID
ilMadisonCountyInventory for Madison County, IL
inIndianaInventory for Indiana
lamarHistoricInventory of Lamar historic site
miMichiganInventory for Michigan
ndMandanMandan Inventory
njNewJerseyInventory for New Jersey
nmMckinleyCountyInventory for McKinley County, NM
nonNagpra1Non-NAGPRA Inventory (1 of 11)
nonNagpra2Non-NAGPRA Inventory (2 of 11)
nonNagpra3Non-NAGPRA Inventory (3 of 11)
nonNagpra4Non-NAGPRA Inventory (4 of 11)
nonNagpra5Non-NAGPRA Inventory (5 of 11)
nonNagpra6Non-NAGPRA Inventory (6 of 11)
nonNagpra7Non-NAGPRA Inventory (7 of 11)
nonNagpra8Non-NAGPRA Inventory (8 of 11)
nonNagpra9Non-NAGPRA Inventory (9 of 11)
nonNagpra10Non-NAGPRA Inventory (10 of 11)
nonNagpra11Non-NAGPRA Inventory (11 of 11)
notOnAnInventory(object is not included in a NAGPRA inventory)
nvChurchillCountyInventory for Churchill County, NV
nvClarkCounty1Inventory 1 for Clark County, NV
nvClarkCounty2Inventory 2 for Clark County, NV
nvHumboldtCountyInventory for Humboldt County, NV
nvNevadaInventory for Nevada state
nvNorthernPaiuteNorthern Paiute Inventory
nvPershingCountyInventory for Pershing County, NV
nvSouthernPaiuteSouthern Paiute Inventory
nvWashoeWashoe Inventory
nvWashoeCounty1Inventory 1 for Washoe County, NV
nvWashoeCounty2Inventory 2 for Washoe County, NV
nyNewYorkInventory for New York state
orCalapooyaCalapooya Inventory
orChetcoChetco Inventory
orJacksonCountyInventory for Jackson County, OR
orKlamathKlamath Inventory
orKlamathCountyInventory for Klamath County, OR
orMorrowCountyInventory for Morrow County, OR
orWascoCountyInventory for Wasco County, OR
sdBrownCountyInventory for Brown County, SD
tnMontgomeryCountyInventory for Montgomery County, TN
utBoxElderCountyInventory for Box Elder County, UT
utSanJuanCounty1Inventory 1 for San Juan County, UT
utSanJuanCounty2Inventory 2 for San Juan County, UT
waAsotinCountyInventory for Asotin County, WA
waClallamClallam Inventory
waCowlitzCountyInventory for Cowlitz County, WA
waKingInventory for King County, WA
waKl24245kl242Inventory of site WA-Kl-242
waKlickitatCountyInventory for Klickitat County, WA
waMillersIslandInventory for Miller's Island, WA
waYakimaYakima Inventory