HackTheHearst App Ideas

Not everybody who has great project ideas knows how to code or has the time. Likewise, hackers aren’t always the ones with the great ideas. So, we’ve created a clearinghouse for Hearst Museum hack ideas and projects.

Feel free to add your idea(s) to the list by filling out the form below. And, if you want to see what are other folks have said that they're interested in seeing built, check out our Submitted app ideas page.

Share your idea for an app, service, or other re/use of Hearst Museum collections data:

  • Something like, "X should allow users to ... by doing ... and might function like ..." You get the idea.

  • Pithy is appreciated, but any old title will do.

  • We want to give credit where credit is due.

  • We'll do our best to make sure that the Web doesn't attack your inbox.

  • That's your institution, organization, school, etc.

  • Who do you suppose would be happy to see this built?
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